Welcome to Asha Toledo

Since its inception UT students have been the engine behind Asha Toledo along with members from the Toledo community, professors from UT, and alumni. Every year we look forward to new students and community members joining us to continue this great work forward. If you have always wished to help the underprivileged, you will definitely find volunteering for Asha Toledo very rewarding.

What do we do?

Asha Toledo strives to provide financial aid to grass-root educational movements in India and create awarnesss in the local community regarding the social situation of underprivelaged children in India. Every year we select diverse projects from the pool of proposals we receive from various sources like educational institutions, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in India. We learn about these projects through word of mouth such as local community members, close friends, trusted contacts in India, other Asha chapters and non-profits organizations working on similar issues.

How can I help?

Asha Toledo welcomes service-minded individual willing dedicate some time towards our mission. Volunteers can commit to as low as 1 hour/week (attending our meetings and helping with project vetting) or dedicate as many hours as would suit their schedules.We also try to have more than one person per function so that there is less work load and you have to spend as little time as possible. We are a tight knit team and help each other.

You can contribute to several aspects of the functioning of the Chapter – fundraising, publicity, managing projects or administrative work such as coordination, treasury, web design etc. Volunteers can choose to work in one of these functions or multiple based on their interest and available time. Sometimes volunteers work part time. For example- only during certain events or build a webiste. Such task are short term and very rewarding. We always welcome such help.

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    Interested in Volunteering

    Please contact – Krishnkanth Patel, Anuja Parikh, Thihal Ponnaiyan, Dr Srikanth Varanasi or Ganesh Iyer. Please see “Contact Us” for contact informationtion.

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    Interested in Volunteering

    Please contact – Krishnkanth Patel, Anuja Parikh, Thihal Ponnaiyan, Dr Srikanth Varanasi or Ganesh Iyer. Please see “Contact Us” for contact informationtion.

How you can participate?
  • Organize Fundraisers and Awareness Events

Asha Toledo is able to support projects in India due to having an active donor base and fundraisers. Help us plan and organize fund raising and awareness events. We are always looking to try new things at our existing events or coming up with completely new events! Your new and fresh ideas will be highly appreciated and welcome !!

  • Steward Projects

Project stewards are at the very heart of the projects process at Asha. Within the Asha Toledo group, they are the ones who are the most knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, the specific projects that Asha partners with. You will get first hand exprience about the pight and needs of the underprevilaged and this may drive your passion even further. This role is one of the most rewarding to many who want to bring about a change in India.

  • Administration

Administraton can be a very fulfilling as it gives you an overview and ability to impact of all aspects of Asha and its projects. Administrative functions ensure smooth working of the various aspects of the group and are also the main link between the local chapter and Asha central team. The local admin team is responsible for enforcing all the rules for managing the funds properly, managing the projects according to guidelines, event coordination etc. But these dont take more than 1 to 3 hour/week on an average and most of the time this work is intermittent. You can sign up to be the (1) Chapter coordinator (2) Treasurer (3) Webmaster (4) Event coordinator (5) Publicity Coordinator (6) Work An Hour Coordinator (7) Projects Coordinator (8) ARC Representative (9) Newletter editor etc.

We try to have more than one person per role. So we can use a lot of help if you wish to volunteer.