Shaaron School For Specials
  • 20140805-Shaaron-school-A001-4245Children of Shaaron Special School

  • 20140805-Shaaron-school-A001-4265Physiotherapy Equipment provided by Asha Toledo

  • 20140805-Shaaron-school-A001-4252Children with their Teachers in the classroom

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Rajapalayam, Tamilnadu, India


Shaaron School was founded in 1998 for the education of mentally challenged kids. The school caters specifically to children from families that are bellow the poverty line. The school provides free physiotherapy, speech therapy, life skills and educational programs designed for specialneeds children. Apart from that the school provides free daily lunch/snacks and transportation. The field coordinator for this project is our own University of Toledo Alum, living in Chennai, India


Asha Toledo supported Shaaron school in 2014 and provided special teaching aids, physiotherapy equipment, classroom table, computer and some furniture. An University of Toledo alumn verified the purchase of all these items, proper usage and benefit to the children. Based on his site visit report the next immediate need for the school was identified to be the salaries of special educators who are so critical for these children. Also without good teachers they would not be able to maintain the necessary student teacher ratio and loose any government support. Asha Toledo has taken up the task of funding the salaries of these special educators for a total sum of approximately $11,500 or Rs 7,20,000.

For more details about this project pls click hereSaron Jehovah Yeereh Trust

Project Update- Successful site visit completed by Asha Toledo volunteers in March 2017

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  • English Medium School

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Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India


Snehalaya was founded it 1989. It provides education, healthcare and shelter for children and women from red light areas, LGBT community and children and women affected by HIV. It also runs an orphanage for children Snehalaya English Medium School was started in 2010 in the Ahmednagar MIDC area to provide free education to the children of sex workers, children with HIV, children from slums and surrounding neighborhoods

  • —Asha Toledo is supporting the Snehalaya School to purchase
  • —School uniforms- 2 sets/child
  • —Books and school supplies
  • —Classes benefitted – Kindergarten to 6th grade
  • —Total children benefitted- 200
  • —Monetary support required- $3,500 (approx.)

To learn more about this project please click here – Snehalya English Medium School



Mokhada, Thane District, Maharashtra, India


—Arogyaseva is a project in partnership with Pragati Pratisthan and Parivartan Mahila Sanstha who work towards the upliftment of tribals, women and children in the remote area of Thane district in the neighborhood of Mumbai city. Through Arogyaseva Asha Toledo has done several successful projects such as health awareness, first aid training, computer literacy, health camps, youth training, school library infrastructure, solar lights and agricultural education.

—Arogyaseva-Khelwadi is an after school program for tribal children in Mokhada, Thane district. —The program is designed to improve (1) Academic skills (2) Life Skills-Self (3) Creativity


—The funding will support

  • —Salaries & Training of educators
  • —Study material
  • —Snacks for Kids
  • —Traveling expenses
  • Total Number of Kehlwadi’s supported- #13
  • —Children benefited- 500 (1st to 4th grade)
  • Monetary Support required – $13000(approx.)

The project was restarted in June of 2016. The project was started on a trial basis to see if the project partner can establish 13 new Kehlawadi’s in addition to the 7 that were already operational. The project partner Varsha Tai, worked on a war footing to set up the new Khelwadis, hired several Balmitras, trained them. performed preliminary evaluation of the kids and enrolled the students. After the successful functioning of the Khelwadis for 3 months, funding for the rest of the year was released by Asha Toledo. The project progress has been very encouraging so far

To learn more about Arogyaseva please click here – PARIVARTAN MAHILA SANTHA – AROGYASEVA